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Psychologist's Office

Parenting Suport

Parenting support services include individual and/or couples counseling to help you with addressing all the challenges that you're having as a parent.  


Parenting support can help you with the following:

  • Identifying parenting goals you have for yourself.

  • Psycho-education on child development (social, cognitive, and emotional milestones)

  • Identifying your parenting style

  • Understanding your child's unique needs 

  • Supporting you with meeting your child's unique needs 

  • Implementing disciplinary approaches that work for your child 

  • Any other support you may need related to parenting

Parenting support is recommended every 4 to 5 weeks if your child is receiving individual counseling.  This gives you the opportunity to do the following: 

  • Address your child's treatment goals and progress​ in meeting them

  • Ask any questions about the therapeutic process

  • Address any concerns or barriers to counseling 

  • Learn more about your child's strengths 

  • Understand your child's treatment needs 

  • Discuss resources for any further support 

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