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Sand Play Therapy

Sand play therapy is a therapeutic approach using a sandtray and miniature objects.  You create a world or build a scene in the sandtray using miniature objects and figurines.  Healing occurs through the use of symbolism, metaphor and unconscious communication. 

Who is appropriate for sand play therapy?

ALMOST EVERYONE and EVERY AGE!  Children, adolescents and adults benefit from sand play therapy.  

Anyone with tactile sensitivities may have difficulty with touching the sand.  Depending on the individual, it may still be possible for them to utilize sandtray therapy.  

  • It is an effective way to communicate nonverbally.

  • It helps with fully expressing yourself.

  • The tactile experience of touching the sand reduces tension and anxiety.

  • It creates a sense of safety and connection.

  • It helps you delve deeper into your psyche.  

  • It uses metaphor and symbolism to allow healing.  

What are the benefits of sand play therapy?

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