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Family Moments

Family Therapy

Inner Mind Counseling offers family therapy for children, adolescents, and their parents.  Family therapy can include siblings, parent/child, or the entire family.  Family therapy is typically recommended if a child is seen for individual therapy.  Family therapy can help with developing healthy relationships, improving communication, solving problems, reducing conflict and building an understanding of one another. 

At Inner Mind Counseling, family therapy is not typically approached with traditional talk therapy.  The following techniques are used which are especially helpful for children:

- Family Sand Play Therapy - It works similar to individual sand play therapy. The family builds a world in the sandtray by taking turns or dividing the tray up.  Each family member picks their own unique miniatures to place them in the sandtray.  This is an effective approach that helps family members understand each other on a deeper level using symbolism and metaphor.      

- Theraplay is a another great approach to family therapy. This is a dyadic therapeutic approach between parent/child. The therapist facilitates fun games, challenging activities, and nurturing activities between parent/child to build a healthy attachment and loving relationship.  It helps the parent regulate the child's behavior in addition to helping the child feel secure, connected, and loved.  




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